One small hurdle can equal hours of pain and lost sales - 1 comment

Wednesday the 4th of March, 2009 | Articles | Business | Tools |

I have recently been working with a team (who is a new team within an older corporation) to get their website and ecommerce system up to par.  The blogging platform, ecommerce platform and proprietary login system are substandard at best but they’re the required platforms by IT.  Two very small issues have become a severe nightmare.

1) The username field only allows for 15 characters
a) The page doesn’t notify the limitation to the user ahead of time and plenty of people are used to using their email address which can easily exceed 15 characters
b) When the user goes over 15 characters, they are greeted with a red error stating “System Error, please try again later.”

2) When a user does go under the required characters by chance, they get dropped off at their user profile page instead of continuing with their checkout.

These two seemingly small issues drive 80% of their customers to require multiple phone and/or email touches for assistance on checkout and countless abandoned carts.  Two months since launch of their new ecommerce site, this issue is still not resolved.

Amazon has sympathy for early adopters - no comments

Wednesday the 9th of April, 2008 | Customer Service | News |

During the Christmas season, I had purchased an HD DVD player from Amazon believing that HD DVD would win the format wars due to superior pricing.  Lower prices with comparable quality equals market share...I was wrong.  My eight year old DVD player had given out finally so I decided my brand new obsolete player was still worth having to play normal DVD’s.  I was pleasantly surprised this morning to receive an email from Amazon that basically said, “Hey we know you f*cked up by choosing the loosing format, but we’re gonna help make it a little better by giving you $50 off an electronics purchase.” This isn’t the same as Circuit City quietly exchanging all HD DVD units but it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye.


Google Calendar - 2 comments

Thursday the 25th of May, 2006 | Tools | Web Apps |

I’ve been using Google Calendar a lot lately and love it.  I can log in and edit my schedule from any computer.  I also receive email or text notifications at a preset time before a scheduled event.  It works with the iCal standard, which means most local calendars on your computer can be updated automatically by subscribing to your Google Calendar feed.

Try it here

Momentum - 2 comments

Tuesday the 16th of May, 2006 | Business | Personal |

Recently I’ve been dealing with my fair share of issues, both personal and business related.  These issues are really putting a damper on my attitude until today.  I decided that these issues were nothing more than speed bumps.  Speed bumps are designed to slow you down, not stop your momentum completely.  As is with life, there will be times your emotions want to bring you to a complete stop.  Use your brain, deal with the issue and move on.

Ten Smart Moves To Improve Your Business - 2 comments

Tuesday the 9th of May, 2006 | Business |

Derek Featherstone says:

1. Start a blog

2. Get good help

3. Write with a twist

4. Unplug your fax machine

5. Stay as small as you logically can

6. Stay under the radar

7. Just turn email off

8. Raise prices every year

9. Know when to throw in the towel

10. Get office space

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